Nearly a quarter of Czechs support euro introduction --poll


01.04.2014 13:45

Prague - Euro introduction is backed by 24 percent of Czechs, almost 7 percentage points more than a year and a half ago, in particular thanks to the decrease in the number of the euro´s resolute opponents, according to the results of a poll of agency STEM.


Euro - bankovky. Ilustrační foto. ČTK

However, Czechs are more pessimistic as regards the euro´s outlooks.

The share of Czechs who are clearly against the euro grew from 55 percent in September 2012 to the current 48 percent. Another 28 percent are rather against the euro´s introduction. Opponents thus still significantly prevail in the Czech society.

Distrust in the euro´s future also prevails as 48 percent of the respondents are convinced that the euro will remain as the common EU currency, while a year ago 50 percent of people expressed this conviction.

Czechs voiced the biggest distrust in the euro´s future two years ago when the share of pessimists stood at 61 percent.

The combination of answers to the two questions shows that half of people are pessimistic about the euro - they reject it as a Czech currency and at the same time do not believe it has a future.

A completely different opinion is backed by 22 percent of Czechs.

The poll was made among 1,070 respondents aged over 18 on March 11 to March 20.

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