NATO intervention in Crimea out of question - Czech minister


09.03.2014 16:27

Prague - A possible intervention by NATO in Crimea, which has been allegedly occupied by Russian soldiers, is out of question, Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) said on Prime television today and he came out in favour of a diplomatic solution to the "Crimea crisis."


Ministr obrany Martin Stropnický (ANO) ČTK Eret Petr

He said he expects the monitoring mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which has not yet succeeded in stepping on the peninsula, to fail.

Stropnicky said no one can believe that a NATO intervention in Crimea could solve anything.

He said Ukraine is not a NATO member and the issue would have to be dealt with by the U.N. Security Council, of which Russia is a member.

Stropnicky said he does not believe that it would be right to demonstrate military force to Russia.

He said the West does not have any broad space for sanctions against Russia due to the economic interconnection and added that a diplomatic solution would not be "entirely toothless."

"The diplomatic pressure can be stepped up," Stropnicky said without elaborating.

Pro-Russian guards have not yet let OSCE monitors enter Crimea. "I would by no means recommend that members of the mission try to get to Crimea at any cost," Stropnicky said and added that it is important that they get back in order.

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