Most Czechs are satisfied with their lives - poll


11.02.2014 16:27

Prague - Some 67 percent of Czechs are satisfied with their lives and 55 percent said they see the year 2013 their personal success, according to a poll conducted by the STEM polling agency in mid-January and released today.


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However, the figure considerably differs from the assessment of the state of society.

Only roughly 25 percent of those polled believe that the year 2013 was a success in the development of society or that changes made in it brought more justice.

A rather stable state of personal satisfaction with their lives of Czechs has been evident since 1994 when STEM started conducting the poll.

In January 2013, satisfaction with life was voiced by 64 percent of Czechs and 55 percent of them considered the year 2012 a personal success, which was the same figure as this year.

When it comes to the state of society, Czechs gave a slightly better assessment to the past year than a year ago.

"We find a higher rate of satisfaction with one's life, the past year and the development in society among young people, those with higher education, the affluent people and proponents of right-wing and centrist parties," the pollsters said.

"However, in these groups, too, there is a prevailing negative assessment of the past year from the viewpoint of development in society," they added.

STEM also asked the respondents what impressions from the past year prevail among them.

Fear, uncertainty, helplessness, unease and anger is felt by 47 percent of Czechs when looking back at the past year.

Some 13 percent of Czechs said "everything is going on as it should," the same proportion feel fatigue, one-fifth is of the view that everything is successful and 3 percent said the feelings of happiness were dominant among them.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,023 people on January 11-18.

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