Most Czech parties satisfied with Juncker´s election as EC head


15.07.2014 16:47

Strasbourg - Jean-Claude Juncker is an experienced politician who is capable of striking compromises and enjoys much authority, Czech MEP Ludek Niedermayer (TOP 09) said today, hailing Juncker´s election as the new EC head nominated by the European People´s Party (EPP), of which TOP 09 is a part.


Ilustrační foto - Bývalý viceguvernér České národní banky Luděk Niedermayer. ČTK Peška Stanislav

By supporting Juncker in the vote today, the European Parliament elected the candidate whose nomination the EPP declared long before the May EU elections, Niedermayer pointed out.

Juncker, former Luxembourg prime minister, was elected by the votes of 422 of 729 MEPs who cast their ballots.

Pavel Telicka, a MEP for the Czech governing ANO movement, a part of the EP´s liberal ALDE group, praised Juncker´s qualities as well.

After a recent debate with MEPs, Juncker adjusted some of his priorities, Telicka recalled.

Jan Keller, who leads the MEPs elected for the Czech senior governing Social Democrats (CSSD), who are part of the EP´s socialist S&D group, said the S&D´s support to Juncker was "a technical coalition."

In terms of programme, the left will closely watch Juncker. It will also seek the control of some of the EC´s important portfolios, Keller said.

Juncker was nominated for EC president by the EPP which won the May polls.

The EPP and the S&D, the second strongest group in the EP, made it clear beforehand that no one but Juncker could win a majority support in the EP.

The EPP gained the S&D´s support to Juncker earlier this month by helping re-elect the German Social Democrat Martin Schulz as EP president.

Among the EP groups opposed to Juncker there are the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), including MEPs for the Czech Eurosceptic Civic Democratic Party (ODS), and the leftist GUE/NGL including the Czech Communists (KSCM).

In reaction to Juncker´s election, MEP Jan Zahradil (ODS, ECR) said Juncker is not a suitable candidate now that the EU needs to be reformed.

"This is a man who has been a part of the system for decades, so he can hardly reform it now," Zahradil said.

Katerina Konecna (KSCM, GUE/NGL) said Juncker may be an expert, but he also embodies the continuation of "the International Monetary Fund, the European bank and the European Commission´s governance over citizens."

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