More candidates to run in Czech Senate elections than in 2012


22.08.2014 17:37

Prague - A total of 243 candidates were registered for the October election to one third of the Czech Senate by the deadline today, which is ten more than two years ago.


Budova Senátu Parlamentu ČR, Valdštejnský palác v Praze. ČTK Veselý Dušan

The first round will be held together with the local election on October 10-11. Where no Senate candidate is elected, a second round will be held on October 17-18.

Every citizen of the Czech Republic who has the voting right and who has turned 40 can run for the Senate.

The upper house of parliament has 81 seats. The mandate is for six years, while one third of the seats are contested every two years.

The candidates must gather the signatures of minimally 1,000 people and make a deposit of 20,000 crowns.

The Senate was established in 1996.

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