Middle-aged Czech men, women satisfied with sex - poll


18.03.2014 11:23

Prague - Middle-aged Czech men and women are satisfied with their sexual life and give an even more positive rating to their partnership relationships, according to a poll conducted by the STEM/MARK in the past weeks and released today.


Partnerské vztahy, muž, žena, sex, mladý pár v posteli - ilustrační foto. ČTK Štěrba Martin, Horázný Josef, Fotobanka ČTK

The poll was conducted on a sample of 805 men and 800 women below 65 years with the expert help from the Sexological Institute.

"The results have surprised us. The percentage of those satisfied is substantially lower in similar surveys conducted abroad," sexologist Petr Weiss said.

"This is why we expected a much worse results among Czechs who tend to be generally dissatisfied," Weiss said.

Satisfaction with sexual life was voiced by 57.2 percent of those polled and with current partnership relationship by 76.5 percent.

Czechs consider open communication and good mood vital for good sex, Weiss said.

Fatigue, headache and overwork are the most frequent reasons cited by women when refusing sex.

Almost 30 percent prefer to pretend sleeping to sex, the poll found.

Men mostly cite fatigue and stress at work as reasons to refuse sex, Weiss said.

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