Marvanova leaves Czech Justice Ministry, may be Babis´s adviser


01.06.2014 22:28

Prague - Hana Marvanova is leaving the post of Czech Deputy Justice Minister and is returning to her lawyer´s practice, she told journalists after a meeting with ANO movement head and Finance Minister Andrej Babis today.


Ilustrační foto - Předsedkyně občanského sdružení Veřejnost proti korupci Hana Marvanová. ČTK Zbyněk Stanislav

She will be replaced at the Justice Ministry by Robert Pelikan, Finance Ministry´s legislative department director, next week.

Marvanova said Babis offered her to be his adviser at the Finance Ministry. She said she will consider the offer.

Babis is trying to settle a dispute that has erupted between Marvanova and Justice Minister Helena Valkova (for ANO) of late.

Babis met both of them tonight. He told journalists that the negotiations today were among the most difficult for him.

"I am glad that we have reached agreement. We have agreed that doctor Pelikan will assume the post of First Deputy Justice Minister on Tuesday. At the same time I offered doctor Marvanova to be my adviser on legislation in parliament and at the ministry," Babis said.

"I hope I will continue cooperating with her," Babis added.

He said Marvanova agreed with that Pelikan will guarantee that the steps she started to take at the Justice Ministry will continue to be realised.

Marvanova said she respects Pelikan as an expert and as a person who focused on anti-corruption measures.

She said if Babis is interested in her advising him on legislative matters, she will gladly do so.

Valkova said the solution is optimal. She said the dispute rested in that Marvanova did not respect her as head of the ministry and used different procedures and methods than she.

Marvanova refused to comment on the dispute.

According to media, Valkova and Marvanova have disagreed on lawyers´ fees and the appointing of certain court officials.

Marvanova told some media that the dispute has continued for about two months. She said she believes that not only Valkova, but also some people from the judiciary, who do not wish any changes to be made, were pressing for her departure.

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