Man found in Oslo is almost definitely Czech, family says


10.04.2014 09:18

Prague - The foreigner found in Oslo in December, who speaks a few languages, but suffers from a loss of memory, is very likely a 36-year-old Czech citizen, Czech police said on their web page today, adding that several family members have safely recognised him.


Norská policie se snaží zjistit totožnost muže, který umí pět jazyků, včetně češtiny, ale tvrdí, že si nemůže vzpomenout, jak se jmenuje ani odkud je. Informují o tom norská média, podle nichž policie dnes zveřejnila fotografii nalezence ve věku mezi 20 a 30 lety. ČTK/AP/Norwegian Police

"The police worked with some information they gained based on a photograph published in the media and it brought them to a particular person. The man has not been missing in the Czech Republic. The circumstances of his stay in Norway are as yet unclear," Czech Police Presidium spokeswoman Eva Stulikova writes on the web page.

The police have handed their information to Norwegian police.

The Norwegians turned to the public on Tuesday after months of a futile search for the identity of the man who was found in a snow drift in Oslo on December 14.

The man did not have any personal documents on and had many injuries. He allegedly speaks five languages, including Czech. The Norwegian police released his photograph on Tuesday.

The man says he remembers neither his name nor his past, but he told the NRK Norwegian public television that he may be Czech because he understands Czech best.

Based on the man´s injuries, the Norwegian police are looking into whether the man may have fallen victim to a crime.

The man told the French news agency AFP that he was undoubtedly robbed and sexually attacked.

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