Klaus blames EU, USA for tragic situation in Ukraine


06.03.2014 15:14

Brno - The European Union and the United States are also to blame for the current tragic and helpless situation in Ukraine, former Czech president Vaclav Klaus said today.


Bývalý prezident Václav Klaus. ČTK ČTK

Klaus compared the unrest in Ukraine to the situation in former Yugoslavia after the split in the 1990s.

"People in Ukraine do not deserve it," Klaus (in office 2003-2013) said.

"It reminds me of Yugoslavia 20 years ago. There was also a tragic bloody conflict provoked from outside. I´m afraid that something similar is starting in Ukraine now," Klaus told reporters.

The EU and the United States markedly have contributed to the unrest in Ukraine, he said.

"Those who have stirred up the current situation should now discuss what to do with Ukraine. I´m afraid that Western Europe and the United States have contributed to it by supporting all the demonstrations staged in Ukraine," Klaus said.

The situation definitely does not please Russia, he added.

"[Russian] President Vladimir Putin is a politician like all other politicians...All are trying to push through their political goals. He definitely cannot be happy about the developments in Ukraine and the way Russia has been involved in them," Klaus said.

He called Putin´s behaviour quite rational.

Unrest started in Ukraine last November when protests broke out against the suspension by the government of the preparations for signing an association agreement with the EU. The situation came to head in late February when snipers killed dozens of anti-government demonstrators in Kiev.

President Viktor Yanukovych has been toppled and a new government established. Simultaneously, Russian troops occupied the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine´s region with prevailing Russian population.

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