ISAF wants Czech mission in Afghanistan to continue in 2015


22.06.2014 16:14

Prague/Kabul - ISAF would like Czech soldiers to remain in Afghanistan in 2015 after the end of NATO combat operations, ISAF commander Joseph Dunford told Czech military chief-of-staff Petr Pavel in Kabul this weekend, the Czech military staff said in a press release today.


Náčelník generálního štábu české armády generál Petr Pavel (vpravo) se setkal 21. června v Kábulu s americkým velitelem ISAF Josephem Dunfordem. ČTK Armáda ČR

Dunford praised the activities and professionalism of Czechs in Afghanistan, including the air combat advisers, units´ protection forces and the medical staff, the military staff said.

It said Dunford has asked Czechs to continue providing their unique capacities after the ISAF terminates its combat operations and starts to focus on supporting the Afghan security forces within a new mission, Resolute Support.

Pavel said the Czech military is ready to join the new mission.

The Czech government and parliament are scheduled to decide on the Czech participation in foreign military missions in 2015-2016 in the nearest months.

Pavel said he expects the Czechs to operate within a U.S. military hospital, help train the Afghani air force and assist in the Bagram base protection.

The form of the foreign troops´ operation after January 1, 2015 depends on a security agreement the USA is yet to sign with the next Afghan president, Pavel recalled.

During his weekend trip he met Czech soldiers deployed in Afghanistan.

Out of them, mainly the surgeons are faced with a change. The French military hospital, with which they have worked, will end operation soon and it will be replaced by a U.S. one.

"We expect our cooperation with the Americans to be problem free," one of the Czech doctors said.

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