Inexpert manipulation of safe kills Palestinian ambassador-police


01.01.2014 18:35

Prague - The explosion that cost the life of the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic today was caused by inexpert manipulation of a safe in the sitting room according to the investigation as yet, Prague Police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova has said.


V Internacionální ulici v Praze - Suchdole došlo 1. ledna k výbuchu v bytě palestinského velvyslance Džamála Muhammada Džamála, který na jeho následky v nemocnici zemřel. Na snímku je jeden z asistujících záchranářů. ČTK Šulová Kateřina

She said it was not an act of terrorism. This was also stated by Police President Martin Cervicek on public television (CT).

Daniel Langer, chief surgeon of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where Jamal Al Jamal was rushed, told CT that the ambassador suffered chest, stomach and head injuries that were not compatible with life.

Zoulova said the investigation continues and the police still check several versions.

She said the safety system of the safe that was part of it may have exploded.

Zoulova said the safe was strongly damaged, but added that the police have no indications to believe that the explosive system was placed there with the aim of damaging a person.

She added that both the late ambassador´s wife and son escaped unscathed. The woman suffered a shock after the explosion and was taken to the Prague-Motol Hospital, but she has been released already.

Cervicek said bomb-disposal experts ar still checking all spaces concerned.

"I can say now there exists not a sole indication that would point to an act of terrorism or any other way of attacking the persons who were moving around the premises," Cervicek said on CT.

He said, however, the investigation is only in its initial stage and that an expert opinion will still be needed.

Cervicek said the protective service will take certain internal measures to see to the security of all other protected places until a maximum of possible risks is ruled out.

"The units that cooperate in the anti-terrorism struggle and the like are now checking certain information," Cervicek said.

He said the protective service and other police squads that look after the security of embassies will now check certain places for preventative reasons.

Meanwhile people in the vicinity of the late Palestinian ambassador´s residence have been recommended evacuation, allegedly in order to facilitate investigation.

The City Hall has sent two evacuation buses to the spot.

The ambassador officially assumed the post on October 11, 2013, when he handed his credentials to President Milos Zeman.

The building, in which the blast occurred, is a new one and it has not yet been approved, Suchdol mayor Petr Hejl said.

The ambassador moved to the residence which is to be a new seat of the Palestinian embassy a couple of days ago.

According to CTK´s reporter, the explosion did not damage the house´s outside.

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