Huge one finger salute pointing to Czech presidential seat


21.10.2013 09:19

Prague - A ten-metre purple middle finger by sculptor David Cerny appeared this morning, four day before the Czech early general election, on the Vltava River and the obscene gesture seems to be addressed to the Prague Castle, which is the seat of President Milos Zeman.


Výtvarník David Černý instaloval 21. října na Vltavě mezi Národním divadlem a Střeleckým ostrovem v Praze plastiku ruky se vztyčeným prostředníčkem namířeným na Pražský hrad. ČTK Šimánek Vít

Cerny made several controversial works of art commenting on the political situation in the past years.

Cerny did not want to comment on the middle finger. He said the gesture itself was well-known and clear. Cerny said it is important, in which direction the middle finger gesture is made.

Cerny participated in the election campaign of Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) before the direct presidential election last winter. Schwarzenberg lost to Zeman in the election runoff.

TOP 09 says Zeman wants to grab as much power as possible and turn the Czech parliamentary democracy into a presidential system.

Several years ago, Cerny used the middle finger, with barbed wire in an activist campaign against the Communists (KSCM).

The one finger salute on the Vltava River has two knuckles more than a human hand.

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