Herman was dismissed as Czech USTR unlawfully - court


02.05.2014 13:55

Prague - A Prague district court today complied with Czech Culture Minister Herman´s (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) complaint and said his dismissal as the Totalitarian Regimes Study Institute (USTR) head in 2013 was anti-constitutional.


Ministr kultury Daniel Herman (na snímku z 13. února 2014). ČTK Kamaryt Michal

The verdict is not yet valid. The USTR will appeal the verdict, its spokesperson said.

"I am very glad that law has won and that malevolence is not possible," Herman, who attended the trial, told journalists.

He would not say whether he would give up the post of culture minister and return to the USTR. He said he would deal with this until the verdict to becomes effective.

Herman wrote in his complaint that he considers his dismissal as USTR director invalid and that the Labour Code was violated.

The USTR council dismissed Herman in April 2013, citing dissatisfcation with his work.

The council spoke about a number of shortcomings in hiw work. The last reason was allegedly his business trip to the United States, which it said was without any benefit for the institute.

Herman is convinced of that he was brought down by a politically-motivated coup, which the council´s critics also claimed.

Herman would not name the coup masterminds, adding that he "has it out with them."

The whole USTR scientific council resigned in protest against Herman´s dismissal.

Herman was temporarily replaced by Pavla Foglova. Zdenek Hazdra, elected new USTR director in mid-April, assumed the post on Thursday, May 1.

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