Half of Czechs did not register EU election campaign - poll


03.07.2014 17:48

Prague - Fifty-two percent of Czechs did not at all notice political parties waging a campaign ahead of this year´s European Parliament (EP) election and 55 percent did not even take interest in it, according to a poll by CVVM that handed the results to CTK today.


Volby do Evropského parlamentu 23. května v Praze. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

Forty-two percent of the polled said they noticed a campaign of some party at least and the remaining 6 percent were not sure.

A mere 9 percent were more or less interested in the campaign and 35 percent said they were slightly interested in it.

"An absolute majority (55 percent) did not take interest in the campaign at all," CVVM found out.

This year´s turnout (18.2 percent) was record low. In the previous two elections, in which the Czechs took part, more than 28 percent of eligible voters came to the polls.

The biggest number of the polled (29 percent) remember the campaign of the government ANO movement, followed by the senior ruling Social Democrats (CSSD, 17 percent), the opposition TOP 09 (15 percent), Civic Democrats (ODS, 9 percent), Communists (KSCM, 6 percent) and the extra-parliamentary Free Citizens Party (4 percent).

The campaign of the opposition Dawn of Direct Democracy and the junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) impressed 3 percent of people each and that of the extra-parliamentary Greens and Pirates 2 percent each.

The campaign impressed a mere 11 percent of people, while one third of citizens said their impression was unfavourable. Another one third assessed the campaign neutrally and the remaining one quarter of the polled were undecided.

CVVM conducted the poll on 1049 people over 15 on June 2-9. The election was held on May 23-24.

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