German President Gauck promotes Vaclav Havel´s legacy


07.05.2014 13:38

Prague - German President Joachim Gauck highlighted the legacy of the former dissident and first Czechoslovak post-communist president Vaclav Havel, whom he called a very inspiring personality capable of starting social movements in a debate at the German Embassy in Prague today.


Večer čtení a přemítání o bývalém prezidentovi Václavu Havlovu k 75. výročí jeho narození pod názvem Milý Václave ! Tvůj... se konal 2. listopadu v pražské Městské knihovně. Jednalo se o kompozici z autorova díla a dopisů jeho přátel. Účinkovali Daniela Kolářová, Lukáš Hlavica a Miroslav Táborský. Večera se osobně zúčastnil Václav Havel (na snímku). ČTK ČTK

Petr Pithart, former head of the upper house of Czech parliament, said it is Gauck who could develop Havel´s legacy in Europe.

When Gauck, a former dissident from East Germany, visited the Czech Republic in late 2012 shortly after he was appointed German president, he met former Czech dissidents, including Pithart.

"We talked of Vaclav Havel a lot and that somebody should carry on his legacy in Europe. You by no means failed to take notice that it was you whom we were having in mind," Pithart told Gauck today about the meeting organised two years ago.

Gauck and Pithart took part in a discussion forum held within the project Vaclav Havel European Dialogues, organised by the Vaclav Havel Library in cooperation with the EC representation to the Czech Republic and the European Parliament Information Office.

Gauck said there was nobody among Germans who disliked the communist regime who would not associate the word "dissident" with Havel.

He said he feels lucky that people like Havel and his fight for democracy have become orientation points of the joint memory and identity.

In an address to Prague university students on Tuesday, Gauck said Havel was an example for himself to follow.

Pithart criticised Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek for promising China that the Czech Republic will not support the independence of Tibet in any way.

"Vaclav Havel has not challenged the territorial integrity of China either, but he would have never gone so far as to give up any support for the Tibetan people seeking the preservation of their cultural and spiritual independence," Pithart said.

"I dare say that to give up Dalai Lama was the same as to give up Europe for Vaclav Havel," he added.

Zaoralek said previously that Prague has not given up the defending of human rights in the communist China.

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