Galileo system´s resistance to jamming to be tested in CzechRep


20.01.2014 17:27

Prague - The tests of the European Galileo navigation system´s resistance to jamming will take place in one of military training areas in the Czech Republic, Czech Defence Ministry´s spokesman Jan Pejsek told CTK today.


První dvě operační družice evropského navigačního systému Galileo mají být - po čtvrtečním odkladu - vypuštěny na kosmodromu v Kourou v pátek 21. října. ČTK/ESA ESA

The ministry will inform the Czech outgoing cabinet about the plan, presented by the European Agency for Global Navigation Satellite Systems, at its meeting on Wednesday.

The Prague-seated agency has assigned the test operation to the Czech National Security Office (NBU), which, on its part, invited the Defence Ministry to cooperate on it because the military has both jammers and training grounds suitable to test Galileo.

The Defence Ministry says the test´s results may be useful to the army as well. They will help soldiers find out how the military installations in the given areas are protected against leaks of information via mobile devices.

Galileo is to be an equivalent of the American GPS system, compared with which it is to be far more accurate.

Apart from traffic, Galileo is to offer services to health care, agriculture, fishing, civilian defence and other branches. It is to be in full operation as from end-2019 or beginning 2020, with 30 satellites on the orbit.

There are four Galileo satellites on the orbit now.

In future, Galileo is to be extended to include another European space project, Copernicus. It involves monitoring satellites that help anticipate possible natural disasters and assist in meteorological forecasts.

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