Four dead workers are pulled out from ruins of Czech bridge


05.09.2014 07:38

Vilemov - Four dead workers were pulled out during the night from the ruins of a bridge in Vilemov that collapsed on Thursday afternoon, Czech police spokeswoman Dana Cirtkova told CTK today.


Ve Vilémově na Havlíčkobrodsku se 4. září zřítil silniční most, který dělníci připravovali na rekonstrukci. Ze sutin zříceného mostu záchranáři vyprostili jednoho mrtvého. Dva další zavalení jsou asi také mrtví, hasičský speciální vyprošťovací tým se k nim ale zatím nedostal. Dva zranění muži byli transportováni do nemocnic. Podle policie most zasypal šest lidí. ČTK Pavlíček Luboš

There were six workers under the bridge when it collapsed. One received a light injury when hit by a fragment of the building material, another one, who was partially trapped, was pulled out with serious injuries after four hours.

Cirtkova said there should be no more people in the ruins.

Three Czechs and three Slovaks were working on the construction site.

Vilemov mayor Jiri Lebeda said the bridge broke into two large blocks.

Some 70 firefighters, police with dog handlers, rescuers and psychologists were dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

The Boegl & Krysl company, which also figures in the cases of the tragic bridge collapses in Studenka, north Moravia, and in east Slovakia, which claimed 12 lives in total, is a subcontractor of the bridge reconstruction.

The firm said in a press release its employees were only doing preparatory works under the bridge.

The bridge´s reconstruction was part of a big regional investment in the modernisation of the local road between Chotebor and Golcuv Jenikov that started in the summer and that will cost 160 million crowns.

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