Former Czech PM Paroubek to run in EP elections


18.01.2014 18:52

Prague - Former Czech PM and Social Democrat (CSSD) ex-chairman Jiri Paroubek will lead the list of candidates of his National Socialists-21st Century Left (LEV 21) party in the spring EP elections, the LEV 21 board decided today, party spokesman Tomas Sazima has told CTK.


Bývalý předseda vlády a šéf ČSSD Jiří Paroubek. ČTK Šimánek Vít

The EP elections will be held on May 22-25 and each member state can choose the election date within these days. Czechs will elect their MEPs on Friday and Saturday, May 23-24.

Paroubek, 61, is one of the founders of the restored CSSD after the November 1989 collapse of the communist regime. He occupied the post of prime minister of the CSSD-led coalition government in 2005-2006 and he was CSSD chairman in May 2006-June 2010.

He stepped down in reaction to the party's failure in the mid-2010 general election which the CSSD won but was incapable of forming a majority government. Since then he has criticised the CSSD leadership.

In 2011, he helped establish the LEV 21 party that gained only 0.07 percent of the vote in the last October early general election. Paroubek was not running for an MP then.

In its campaign ahead of the EP elections, LEV 21 would like to focus on high unemployment and the creation of new jobs, the rise in people´ living standards and the quality of life, consumers´ protection, including the protection of labour market, and the fight against crime and terrorism.

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