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28.01.2014 09:59

Prague - Petr Necas, who was Czech prime minister and Civic Democratic Party (ODS) leader in 2010-2013, works as consultant for billionaire and developer Pavel Sehnal, owner of SPGroup financial group, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes today.


Někdejší premiér Petr Nečas (ODS) hovoří s novináři při odchodu z pražské policejní služebny, kde 14. listopadu odmítl vypovídat v kauze bývalé šéfky svého kabinetu a nynější manželky Jany Nečasové (dříve Nagyové). Případ se týká podezření z uplácení poslanců a nezákonného sledování lidí. ČTK Šimánek Vít

"We have been cooperating for some time," Sehnal told the paper.

He said he uses Necas as an expert in state administration.

Necas did not provide any information on his work for Sehnal.

"I am not a public official anymore. My income is none of your business!" he told the paper.

Sehnal said the work the former prime minister does for him definitely is not Necas´s main source of living.

Sehnal owns the Slavia insurance company, the Prague-Letnany exhibition grounds and the Cestlice water park near Prague, among others.

Necas resigned as prime minister and ODS chairman in reaction to a corruption and illegal surveillance scandal of Jana Nagyova, the head of his office, last June. Afterwards he admitted his close relationship with Nagyova and they got married in September. Nagyova spent several weeks in custody prison last summer.

Necas indicated previously that he considers the accusation a plot aiming at his removal. He did not run in the early general election held last October and he completely left politics.

Nagyova (now Necasova) is suspected of unlawfully ordering the military intelligence to spy on Necas´s estranged wife. The corruption case concerns a political bargain, within which three ODS rebel MPs gave up their mandates in exchange for lucrative posts in state-controlled companies.

Necas, too, may be accused in the criminal case, the investigators indicated in 2013.

After his departure from top politics, Necas started working as a teacher in the Cevro Institute of former ODS top representative Ivan Langer, but this employment could not be sufficient for him, LN writes.

Necas, 49, divorced his first wife after a marriage of more than 25 years last August. The couple have four children, including two underage girls.

Having left top politics, Necas got in a difficult financial situation because he had to pay about 60,000 crowns in child maintenance and for a loan. His monthly pay as prime minister was approximately 150,000 crowns.

A Czech prime minister does not get any rent after leaving the post. Necas was dubbed Mr Clean when he became prime minister as he has not been connected with any corruption scandal until last summer. He had never worked in the business sector in the past.

The paper notes that Necas is yet another Czech prime minister who moved to the private sector.

Former PM Stanislav Gross (Social Democrats, CSSD) started doing business after his fall over dubious financing of his family. He got very rich when he bought shares for an oddly low price and then sold them for a huge sum. This bargain is often considered a bribe received for some secret support to firms he had provided as politician, but the police have never proved any crime to Gross.

Mirek Topolanek, Necas´s predecessor as both ODS head and prime minister, became head of the Czech Association for District Heating.

Vaclav Klaus (ex-ODS), Milos Zeman, Jiri Paroubek (both ex-CSSD), Vladimir Spidla (CSSD) and Jan Fischer (unaffiliated) remained in politics after they ended in the post of prime minister. Klaus was president in 2003-2013 and Zeman is the current president.

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