Former Czech foreign minister to meet opposition in Kiev

Předseda TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg.

published: 14.12.2013, 18:41 | updated: 14.12.2013 18:47:09

Prague - Former Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09 chairman) left for a one-day visit to Ukraine today to meet the opposition representatives and attend a demonstration on the Independence square in Kiev, according to CTK information.

Czech musician and former politician Michael Kocab will support demonstrators in Kiev on Sunday.

Schwarzenberg, who will return on Sunday afternoon, might also meet representatives of the Ukrainian government but such a meeting is the subject to negotiations only, according to CTK information.

Kocab will read a joint letter of Czech and Slovak public personalities to the protesters on the square.

It was drafted by journalist Jan Urban, founder of the Civic Forum (OF) Czech umbrella organisation of pro-democratic forces in 1989, and sociologist Ivan Gabal as well as Slovak sociologist Fedor Gal, founder of the Public against Violence organisation, a Slovak equivalent of the OF, university lecturer Peter Zajac and former ambassador to USA Martin Butora.

„It si high time for the representatives of the nations with which Ukrainians want to share the joint Europe to express support to the Ukrainian people," Kocab said.

The People in Need humanitarian NGO, which has long been working with the civic sector in Ukraine, has organised Kocab´s trip.

Besides, influential U.S. Senator John McCain (Republicans) is to visit Kiev to meet the government representatives, opposition politicians and civic leaders.

The pro-West opposition wants to stage another anti-government rally in the centre of Kiev on Sunday.

Mass protests aroused in Kiev a month ago after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the association agreement with the EU, preferring the inclination to Moscow.

The situation culminated after a police crackdown on protesting students at a square in Kiev in late November, in which many protesters were injured and arrested.

On the contrary, tens of thousands of people met at the European square in Kiev today to express support for the government and its effort to extend economic relations with Russia.



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