Flood damage in Prague zoo may be as big as in 2002

Zaplavený areál zoologické zahrady v Praze-Troji 3. června. Zoo je zavřená, některé druhy zvířat evakuovala do bezpečí už večer předchozího dne.

published: 03.06.2013, 12:45 | updated: 03.06.2013 12:52:41

Prague - The lower part of the Prague zoo, situated along the Vltava River, has been flooded by the swollen river and the incurred damage might be as high as during the devastating floods in 2002, zoo director Miroslav Bobek told journalists today.

All animals have been safely evacuated from the inundated area and placed in the upper part of the zoo that is situated on a hill. No animal has been injured during the evacuation except for a flamingo that suffered a leg fracture.

The zoo has been closed to visitors.

The gorilla group remains in a special anti-flood tower which is part of the gorilla pavilion. The attendants use a boat to reach the pavilion and bring food to the gorillas, which are among the zoo´s most popular inhabitants.

In the tower they still have a two-metre reserve. If the water level continued rising, they would have to be evacuated as well.

The Vltava level was expected to culminate this morning but it continues rising amid incessant raining in Prague.

Hydrologists now forecast the river will culminate in the afternoon.

Another species still remaining in the lower part of the zoo are sea lions.

Some rare birds have been transported to other Czech zoos.

The pavilion of beasts of prey has been evacuated as well, Bobek said.

Bobek would not estimate the damage. He said it will be assessed after the water subsides.

The Prague zoo was heavily damaged by the Vltava during the floods in August 2002, which killed some animals and some had to be put down.


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