Five men suspected of spreading harmful book arrested in Prague


25.04.2014 17:35

Prague - Czech police detained five people in a raid on the Muslim community in Prague, handcuffed them and drove them away in a van today, Pavel Hantak, spokesman for the Squad for Uncovering Organised Crime (UOOZ), has said.


Kriminalisté z Útvaru pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu (ÚOOZ) zasahovali 25. dubna na několika místech Prahy kvůli podezření z vydání a distribuce knihy, která šíří rasismus, antisemitismus, xenofobii a násilí proti takzvaným méněcenným rasám. ČTK to řekl mluvčí útvaru Pavel Hanták. Jedním z míst, kde policisté zasahovali, bylo i sídlo Islámské nadace Praha v ulici Politických vězňů (na snímku). ČTK DOL

He said detectives interfered in several places in Prague centre on suspicion of the publication and distribution of a book spreading racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and violence against "inferior" races.

Hantak said the police checked places where bigger numbers of religious-oriented people regularly meet.

One of such places is the Islamic Foundation in the centre of Prague, where the five above people were detained.

The premises include a place of prayer and rooms where lectures, Arabic courses and Friday sermons in Arabic and Czech are given.

According to witnesses, some 100 people were in the mosque. The police action frustrated today´s main prayer of which many of the released people complained.

One of the persons present was the first secretary of the Indonesian embassy, who said armed police entered the mosque and told the present to lie down.

Some people wanted to talk to the police, but they did not succeed, the diplomat, who was accompanied to the mosque by other members of the embassy, told journalists.

The most known case of a controversial book was the publication of the Czech translation of Adolf Hitler´s Mein Kampf issued by the Otakar II. publishers of Michal Zitko in March 2000.

Zitko was prosecuted on suspicion of support for and propagation of a movement suppressing human rights. He was first given a suspended sentence, but the Supreme Court acquitted him in March 2005. The 60,000 crown fine, which the Prague Municipal Court imposed on the Internet seller of the book published by Zitko, Vit Varak, remained valid.

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