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19.07.2014 20:54

Prague - Doctors in Prague´s Motol Teaching Hospital (FNM) have transplanted an artificial heart to a 16-year-old boy as the first child patient in the Czech Republic, Nova Television reported today.


Chirurg - operace - ilustrační foto. ČTK/AP

The boy, who comes from the Hodonin area, south Moravia, suffered from a serious heart defect from babyhood.

"I feel less puffed out, I can cope with more physical burden," the boy said when asked how he feels after the surgery.

Dozens of patients have been given an artificial heart, a special pump, in the Czech Republic so far as a means to help them survive until a biological donor appears.

"It is unique that the whole device is planted in the patient´s body, that it does not have to be outside any longer. With the device, the boy can stay at home, he can walk," Jan Janousek, chief physician of the children´s cardiac centre in the FNM, told Nova TV.

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