Explosive couldn´t get to Palestine´s safe during transport-press

Ilustrační foto - Budova budoucího velvyslanectví Palestiny v Praze-Suchdole (na snímku 2. ledna).

published: 06.01.2014, 08:37 | updated: 06.01.2014 08:56:33

Prague - No explosive could get into the safe of the Palestinian embassy in Prague during its transport to a new residence of ambassador Jamal al Jamal who died after the safe had exploded on January 1, transport firm head Martin Sousek told today´s issue of the Blesk tabloid.

The transport of the safe was under a constant supervision and Jamal was present during it all the time, said Sousek.

Jamal succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the blast of an as yet unspecified explosive while manipulating the embassy's safe in his diplomatic flat in the Prague-Suchdol neighbourhood where Sousek´s firm moved the safe shortly before.

Jamal´s daughter Rana then claimed that her father had been murdered and that the explosive could have got into the safe deposit during the move to the new residence.

Sousek ruled it out as complete nonsense.

"The safe was being constantly watched. It was closed all the time," Sousek told Blesk.

People from the Palestinian embassy decided on the safe´s placement directly on the spot. The ambassador alone was there, giving instructions where concrete items should be placed in the residential part of the house, including the safe, Sousek said.

The Czech police have ruled out that the explosion was caused by an intentional crime.

The police are investigating the blast as killing caused by negligence and on suspicion of illegal arms possession as they have found 12 unregistered firearms in the embassy building.

The police also rule out that the safe went off immediately after being opened, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today, referring to an anonymous source well-versed in the investigation.

The police said previously the blast may have been caused by an explosive device placed in the safe´s door. However, at present detectives rather support the version that Jamal himself was mishandling an explosive, MfD writes.



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