Euro elections end in Czech Republic, with record low turnout


24.05.2014 14:12

Prague - The European Parliament (EP) elections have ended in the Czech Republic, with turnout being lower than 20 percent, according to information by election commissioners, which compares with more than 28 percent in 2009.


Lidé odevzdávají 23. května ve Slavkově u Brna svůj hlas ve volbách do Evropského parlamentu. ČTK Šálek Václav

The precise figures and results of the polls will be released only after 23:00 CEST on Sunday, when the voting ends in the remaining EU countries.

According to pre-election surveys, the parties in parliament had the biggest chances of succeeding in the polls. The ANO movement of Finance Minister Andrej Babis was the favourite of the voting, followed by the senior government Social Democrats (CSSD), the opposition Communists (KSCM), TOP 09 and the Civic Democrats (ODS).

The junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the opposition Dawn of Direct Democracy also have a chance of gaining EP seats, according to the surveys,

Of the other parties, the Greens, the Pirates and the Party of Free Citizens could also gain some mandates.

The results will be discussed by the State Electoral Commission on Monday. They will be officials when published in the Digest of Laws on Tuesday.

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