EU should send inspection to Ukraine over gas - Czech minister


03.09.2014 10:19

Prague - The EU should send an inspection team to Ukraine to find out how much gas it has since the country has not been importing gas for two months, which can cause a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and nine other countries, Czech Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek said today.


Pohled do areálu kompresorové stanice tranzitního plynovodu ve Veľkých Kapušanech na východě Slovenska. ČTK Koller Jan

Mladek (Social Democrats, CSSD) said the proposal has been made by some colleagues, particularly from Slovakia and Austria because Ukraine has stopped negotiating with the Russians about gas payments.

Mladek said in summer Ukraine´s attitude may be overlooked also thanks to slight reverse flows from Poland and Slovakia. But if Kiev continues like this until winter, a humanitarian disaster will start and millions of people in Ukraine will be freezing.

The same would happen to the inhabitants of nine countries to the south of Slovakia and that is why it is necessary to deal with the issue now and not to wait until January, Mladek said.

He said the Czech Republic would not be affected by the possible problems because it can buy gas elsewhere. Besides this, Czech gas tanks are to be full next week already.

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