EU should offer membership to Ukraine - Czech Commissioner Fuele


31.01.2014 20:08

Prague - The European Union (EU) should offer membership to Ukraine if it really means to support the country´s transformation but the association agreement cannot be signed in the current situation, Czech EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele told public Czech Radio today.


Ukrajinský prezident Viktor Janukovyč (vlevo) a eurokomisař pro rozšíření Štefan Füle. ČTK/AP Mykhailo Markiv

Though the offer of the association agreement with the EU, which Kiev rejected last year, is still valid, the Union can hardly sign it with Ukrainian representatives if repressions and violence in the country continue, Fuele said.

The association agreement can be signed after the Ukrainian government and opposition find a way out of the crisis, Fuele said, adding that he cannot imagine the signing of the agreement with the current Ukrainian representatives at present.

Protests broke out in Ukraine after the country´s leaders rejected the association agreement with the EU and decided to tighten the ties with Russia instead last year.

The anti-government demonstrations have claimed several lives.

The EU should take an accommodating stance if Kiev wanted to approach it, Fuele said.

If the EU really wishes Ukraine´s transformation, then it "should offer the strongest transformation tool that exists on the European continent, that is enlargement," Fuele pointed out.

The demonstrations in Ukraine led to the government´s fall recently.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych today signed into law an amnesty for demonstrators detained during the mass protests, on condition the protesters leave most of the government buildings, and the abolition of the controversial repressive laws.

However, the opposition still insists on the detained demonstrators being pardoned without any conditions and demand early elections as a solution to the crisis.

Yanukovych, for his part, claims that the authorities have fulfilled all settlement commitments.

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