EU association agreement path to Ukraine´s equal position - Zeman


20.03.2014 15:01

Prague - The signing of the association agreement with the EU soon is a sole way for Ukraine to be an equal partner of Russia, Czech President Milos Zeman said in an interview for the server today.


Prezident Miloš Zeman. ČTK Kamaryt Michal

A political part of the association agreement between the EU and Kiev is to be signed in Brussels on Friday.

"Russia has cold-bloodedly abused the weakness of Ukraine and the Ukrainian government and mainly the unfortunate step of the language law since only an idiot can ban one-third of inhabitants from using their mother´s tongue," Zeman said.

"Our task is to strengthen Ukraine. This is why I welcome a quick signing of the association agreement of Ukraine with the EU since this is a sole way for Ukraine to be an equal partner of Russia," he noted.

Zeman also said he is convinced that if Russia were reasonable, it would not try to stir up further conflicts in eastern Ukraine.

Crimea, which has actually joined Russia, is lost in a short-term perspective, Zeman noted.

The Ukrainian government should get rid of "fascist extremists" and federalise the country, he pointed out.

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