ERU turns to EC due to proposed changes to energy law


12.03.2014 12:24

Prague - The Energy Regulatory Office (ERU) has turned to the European Commission (EC) with the request to revise proposed changes to the Czech energy law, which it considers to be in contradiction with EU legislation, ERU spokesman Jiri Chvojka told CTK today.


Předsedkyně Energetického regulačního úřadu Alena Vitásková. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

The ERU believes that the proposal by deputy Milan Urban (Social Democrats), aimed at making changes in the organisation of EU and in the method of making price decisions, is in discrepancy with relevant EU directives and endangers the independence of the market, protection of equal conditions for all participants in the market as well as the planned change in rules for setting prices in the energy sector, Chvojka said.

ERU chairwoman Alena Vitaskova said last week that the aim of the proposed changes to the energy law was to remove from her post and to enable some interest groups to seize control over ERU.

"In my opinion it is not in contradiction with the European directive and I have nothing against the EC expressing its stance towards this issue," Urban told CTK.

Urban has proposed to introduce a five-member board, whose individual members would rotate in the post of chairman each year.

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