Electricity price is too high for 48 pct of Czechs - poll


14.01.2014 12:10

Prague - Nearly half of Czechs, 48 percent, see the price of electricity as too high, 39 percent consider it higher than it should be and 13 percent see it as suitable, said a poll conducted by ppf factum at the beginning of November last year.


Žárovka 100W. Ilustrační foto. CTK Fluger René, FOTOBANKA ČTK

Young people up to 30 years care less about the price but in many cases they have no idea about it.

Nine out of ten customers are satisfied with supplies and one third is very satisfied.

Fifty-two percent of clients of the power distributor PRE expressed a very high degree of satisfaction.

Most people have one delivery point, their flat or house. One tenth of the population have more delivery points, mostly dwellings on country estates owned by city citizens.

More than one third of Czechs have no idea about their electricity consumption. He/she who has some idea knows the amount and the price from the electricity bill (48 percent), the poll has found.

A total of 963 Czechs took part in the survey.

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