EC has 88 objections to how Czechs want to draw subsidies -press


09.07.2014 10:13

Prague - The European Commission has 88 objections to the partnership agreement under which the Czech Republic should receive Kc550bn worth of European subsidies between 2014 and 2020, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) said today.


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The EC said there are shortcomings in plans about investment in environment, the energy sector, transport, health care, education, information technologies and welfare, fore example, MfD said.

The Czech side can settle the objections, or make an agreement with the EC on a political level about the approval of the plan of drawing subsidies, as it did in 2007.

The EC demands that the Czech Republic supply more precise data, which would show why the country decided to make the individual investments.

Czech and European experts were discussing the partnership agreement for two years. The EC received the final version of the agreement on April 17 this year, four days before the last deadline for its submitting.

The EC sent its comments about the proposal to Prague on June 24. By contrast, Slovakia and Poland, for example, have received an approval of their partnership agreements, MfD said.

Czech plans about the use of subsidies, especially the purchases of technical equipment for hospitals, are at variance with the EC's recommendations in some cases, according to the paper.

As regards investment in environment, European experts want to explain why Czechs want to invest the most in incinerators burning municipal waste.

Brussels also said it will support investment in information technologies, only if it receives an analysis why the Czech Republic failed gravely in IT support in the previous years, MfD said.

As regards investment in the energy sector, the EC demands an explanation of why the country wants to invest in biogas power plants and in burning biomass in large power plants.

Brussels also demands that Czechs set some criteria for providing financial aid to the Roma community. The criteria should make it possible to determine whether Romani families had been integrated into majority society.

The settlement of all 88 objections would mean that the Czech Republic would have to prepare a number of detailed analyses and development plans. In such a case, the agreement would probably be put off until next year.

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