Drapalova is new leader of Czech Greens


08.06.2014 17:32

Prague - Jana Drapalova is the new acting leader of Czech Greens after Ondrej Liska resigned from the post today over the party´s failure in the recent European Parliament (EP) election.


Ondřej Liška potvrdil 26. května v Praze po jednání předsednictva Strany zelených rezignaci na funkci předsedy. Stranu povede do listopadového celostátního sněmu první místropředsedkyně Jana Drápalová (na snímku). ČTK Šimánek Vít

Drapalova replaced Liska because she is the first deputy chairwoman of the extra-parliamentary party.

She said she wants to prepare the Greens for the autumn elections to the municipal authorities and the Senate.

In late November, the party should elect its new leader at its congress.

Liska said he would keep working in the party, but that he would not seek any leading post.

Liska, 36, announced his resignation shortly after the the results of the European election were released. The Greens gained 3.77 percent of the vote and they did not win any seat in the EP because they did not cross the 5-percent threshold, a condition valid in the Czech Republic.

The Greens and the Pirates have filed a complaint about the 5-percent clause with the Constitutional Court following the EP election.

Liska headed the Greens from 2009. He has repeatedly defended his post, but under his leadership the party failed to return to the Chamber of Deputies.

The Greens were represented in the lower house of parliament only in 2006-2009 and they were also the smallest partner in a coalition government then. Liska was education minister for a time.

The Greens today presented five politicians whom they will support in the Senate elections: lawyer Vaclav Laska, former deputy ombudswoman Jitka Seitlova, transport construction expert Miloslava Posvarova, former Charles University rector vaclav Hampl and Liberec Region deputy governor Josef Jadrny.

Laska and Posvarova are known for their fight against corruption.

The Greens also approved an agreement on cooperation with the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) today. Hampl runs for senator as a joint candidate of the two parties.

Two of the 81 present senators were supported by the Green Party: former constitutional judge Eliska Wagnerova and whistleblower Libor Michalek, who was nominated by the Greens, KDU-CSL and Pirates.

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