Don't be swallowed by Brussels whale - PM to new Czech MEPs


02.06.2014 16:55

Prague - Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) today wished to newly elected Czech MEPs that they were not swallowed by the "Brussels or Strasbourg whale" and that they maintain contact with day-to-day reality in the Czech Republic.


Předseda vlády Bohuslav Sobotka. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

Sobotka said he had also voiced the wish that the Czech government and European deputies cooperate.

The meeting was attended by 14 out of the 21 new Czech MEPs.

"I wished them good luck. However, I mainly wished them that they were not swallowed by the Brussels or Strasbourg whale that might only spit them out in five years," Sobotka said.

"I used the meeting to offer them cooperation and regular communication," Sobotka said, adding that he would like to unite at least partly the policy of Czech MEPs despite their making part of various factions and political currents.

"I think that our MEPs should have a good information service and that a synergy between the government, our representation in Brussels and our MEPs should work," Sobotka said.

The future European commissioner for the Czech Republic was not discussed at the meeting.

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