Dahlgren confessed to murder, Austrians say, citing Czech police

Policie pátrá po Američanovi Kevinu Dahlgrenovi (na nedatovaném archivním snímku), kterého podezřívá ze čtyř vražd v Brně-Ivanovicích. Muž může být nebezpečný.

published: 26.05.2013, 19:15 | updated: 26.05.2013 19:18:05

Vienna - Kevin Dahlgren, a U.S. national suspected of murdering a four-member family in the Czech Republic, confessed to the crime in a SMS addressed to his Austrian friend, the Austrian tabloid server Krone.at writes today, citing Czech detectives.

"I´ve killed four people, I´m heading for Vienna," reads the SMS which Dahlgren, 20, reportedly wrote on his way from Brno to the Vienna airport from where he departed for the USA earlier this week.

"Our Czech counterparts have told us that the American sent a SMS heralding his plan to leave the Czech Republic for Austria," Mario Hejl, spokesman for the Austrian Criminal Authority (BK), told the server.

Hejl would not comment on the SMS´s content.

The victims, murdered in Brno´s Ivancice neighbourhood on Wednesday, are local residents, a married couple and their two almost adult sons.

Dahlgren was their relative. He arrived in Brno, the Czech second largest city and Moravian capital, in early May.

The police have not commented on the case yet.

Witnesses say he lived with the family for about two weeks. They say Dahlgren killed them with a knife and set the corpses alight.

Then he left for Vienna.

On Thursday, he was arrested on the arrival from Vienna at the Washington airport and taken into custody.

The Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Saturday that the flight that took off from the Vienna airport at 10:25 on Thursday was a routine flight until the crew received a warning that there was a passenger aboard who is suspected of four-time murder.

"We found out that he was sitting on a plane bound for Washington D.C. only after he got aboard. That is why we could not detain him at the Vienna airport already," Czech police spokeswoman Petra Vedrova told MfD.

She said Dahlgren uncovered his identity during the flight also by communicating with friends via Facebook.

Moreover, he used his own passport, Vedrova added.

The Czech authorities have said Prague will seek Dahlgren´s extradition. If the USA complied with the request and if Dahlgren is convicted, he faces up to life imprisonment in the Czech Republic.


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