Czechs to receive preventive information on Ebola on flyers


04.08.2014 12:18

Prague - Flyers describing the symptoms of the Ebola virus disease and offering advice to the travellers on where to go if there is a suspicion of it will be soon posted at Czech railway stations and airports, Vladimir Valenta, chief sanitary officer, told CTK today.


Hlavní hygienika Vladimír Valenta. ČTK Petrášek Radek, ČTK

During the three-week incubation period, people are not dangerous for their surroundings, only spreading the infection after the symptoms appear, Valenta said.

If such a person appears in the Czech Republic, the mechanisms preventing the spread will be triggered, he added.

The efficiency of the system was confirmed at the weekend when the sanitary authority in central Bohemia and an infection department at the Na Bulovce hospital in Prague were alerted due to the news that a man from Kladno, central Bohemia, spoke about the Ebola virus with the Health Ministry security officers, Valenta said.

It was eventually explained that he had come to offer help there. He was never to West Africa where the death toll of the disease has reached 672 and there are 1,200 infected people.

Valenta will submit a report on the risks for the Czech Republic and planned measures to Health Minister Svatopluk Nemece (Social Democrats, CSSD) on Tuesday.

"The regulations and rules have been set since last year. At the beginning of the year, the government passed two directives: on what to do when a highly dangerous infection occurs at an airport and on what to do in health facilities," Valenta said.

Within the measures, some beds at the Na Bulovce hospital have been permanently singled out and epidemiological teams were established at regional sanitary stations that are to deal with the situation, he added.

The plans were also discussed by regional security councils.

"There are tens of measures, including the one that at the beginning, a decision on the use of the whole integrated rescue system is made," Valenta said.

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