Czechs send experts to NATO office in Kiev to advise government


03.09.2014 14:55

Prague - The Czech Republic is sending experts to the NATO liaison office in Kiev to advise the Ukrainian government and authorities on a reform of the security sector and on logistics, the defence and interior ministries have told CTK.


Severoatlantická aliance (NATO) - logo - ilustrační foto. ČTK/AP

Each ministry has released one expert to help stabilise the situation in Ukraine.

The military will send an officer specialised in logistics, who should stay in Ukraine for two years.

"The mission can be shortened, or extended as needed," Defence Ministry spokesman Jan Pejsek said.

He said the sending of the expert will be announced by Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) at the NATO September 4-5 summit in Wales.

An expert of the Interior Ministry is already operating in Kiev. "Over a period of one year, he will be cooperating with representatives of the executive, administrative offices and other relevant structures within his work content in reforming and stabilising the security sector," the ministry´s press department said.

The NATO liaison office in Kiev was created in 1999 with the aim of developing cooperation between the Alliance and Ukrainian authorities on national and regional security.

NATO and Kiev have agreed to reinforce it in reaction to the dramatic developments in the country.

The Czech Republic also supports allies in the Baltics in connection with the tense situation in the east of Europe.

The Defence Ministry said it will send there a platoon with mobile anti-aircraft missile systems RBS-70. A total of 70 soldiers are to train with their Lithuanian colleagues in November.

Two Czech L-159 aircraft participate in the training of forward air controllers within the long-time NATO Baltic Eye exercise for several days every month.

"In case of need, we are ready to intensify the training and possibly raise the number of the participating planes," Pejsek said.

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