Czechs have three priority portfolios in EU Commission - Jourova


22.07.2014 15:11

Prague - The Czech Republic will focus on regional development, administrative affairs and transport in negotiating about the portfolio for its European commissioner, Vera Jourova (ANO), candidate for the post and local development minister, told CTK today.


Česká vlajka a vlajky EU na stožáru před budovou Evropské komise v Bruselu. ČTK Dospiva Jakub

She said she will not attend the negotiations. She is now preparing for an introductory meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the "grilling" of candidates in the European Parliament (EP) in September.

"We will be primarily negotiating about regional development, administrative affairs and transport," Jourova said.

She said the government could also negotiate about other fields, including industry, but it prefers the three above ones that Jourova herself prefers in the order she listed them.

Jourova said the chairmen of all three government coalition parties, that is Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD), Andrej Babis (ANO) and Pavel Belobradek (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSl), will hold negotiations with Juncker.

Talks will also be held with Juncker´s aides and Czech MEPs will be lobbying in the EP and through other member countries. "This will be on the level of reciprocal help," Jourova said.

She said she should meet Juncker at the beginning of August for the first time.

Jourova said she will be working hard to prepare for the grilling. She said she should already know her portfolio by then and that she will be expected to give qualified answers to questions from the particular field.

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