Czechs have enough gas - Prime Minister Sobotka


20.05.2014 21:49

Prague - Czech companies and households are not threatened with shortage of gas as the Czech Republic has a reserve of natural gas for 100 days, Prime Minister Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said after a meeting of the National Security Council (BRS) today.


Premiér Bohuslav Sobotka a ministr průmyslu a obchodu Jan Mládek (vpravo) vystoupili 20. května v Praze na tiskové konferenci po zasedání předsednictva Bezpečnostní rady státu. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

The meeting was devoted to various alternatives in the event of stoppage of deliveries of Russian gas via Ukraine.

Sobotka said if need be, the Czech Republic could help Slovakia by sending it the Russian gas through the Baltic Nord Stream pipeline.

Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek (CSSD) said Slovakia's reserves were even bigger. They are sufficient for 140 days.

Mladek said in the event of the worst scenario, the help might be on the order of the day at the beginning of next year.

"We have no signs that the deliveries of Russian gas to Europe may be threatened," Sobotka said.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia would stop its deliveries of gas to Europe across Ukraine if it does not pay its debt for the Russian gas.

The European Commission has proposed that EU countries conduct tests of the European energy system to reveal how they would cope with a significant problem with the delivery of gas in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.

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