Czechs give second highest ranking to end of Communism - poll


18.03.2014 13:17

Prague - Czechs give the second highest assessment to the change of the political system in 1989 out of Central Europeans, according to a polls conducted by the CVVM polling agency in February and released today.


Demonstrace na Václavském náměstí - 20.výročí upálení studenta Jana Palacha ČTK Doležal Michal

The Czech Republic was trailed by Poland. Some 71 percent of its inhabitants viewed positively the end of the Communist rule.

The polls in four Central European countries were carried out by partnership organisations of the CEORG (Central European Opinion Research Group).

Some 39 percent of Poles said the change of the system was definitely beneficial.

On the other hand, some 38 percent of Czechs said the change was "rather beneficial," while only 25 percent agreed with the view that it was definitely beneficial.

In Slovakia, the change in 1989 was called definitely beneficial by 19 percent and in Hungary by 12 percent.

Poles are also the most optimistic when assessing the changes set into motion by the fall of the Communist regime. A positive impact on the public was given by 45 percent of Poles, while 27 percent said the changes brought about as many benefits as losses and 15 percent believe that the changes were negative.

In the Czech Republic, 37 percent are of the view that the changes brought more benefits than losses, while the opposite view is held by 29 percent of Czechs and roughly the same proportion consider the total balance of assets and liabilities even.

In Slovakia and Hungary, the changes after 1989 were considered rather beneficial by 27 percent in both countries.

However, 42 percent of Hungarians and 33 percent of Slovaks are of the view that there were more losses than benefits.

On the other hand, 33 percent of Slovaks say the balance was even, while in Hungary, the view is held by about 20 percent of people.

The scepticism of the developments after 1989 grows along with the falling living standards, income and education and rising age.

The CVVM conducted the poll on a sample of 1,000 Czechs over 15 in the first half of February.

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