Czechs find another explosive system at Palestinian embassy-press


16.01.2014 09:39

Prague - The police have found yet another explosive system in the new building of the Palestinian embassy in Prague where the explosion of a safe killed ambassador Jamal Al Jamal on January 1, daily Pravo writes today.


Rezidence palestinského velvyslance v Praze-Suchdole (na snímku 2. ledna). ČTK Doležal Michal

The system was found in a special opening in a book, Pravo writes.

"An explosive was found, it was secured and sent for an expert examination to the criminology institute," Pravo quotes Prague police director Martin Vondracek as saying.

Jamal Al Jamal, 56, was killed when manipulating the safe box probably trying to secure it against forcible penetration, Pravo writes.

Pravo writes that according to its information it is more and more realistic to believe that the explosive was semtex, or a most explosive substance produced in communist Czechoslovakia.

Besides the explosive systems, detectives also found 12 unregistered firearms at the embassy.

In a statement sent to the Prague police, the Palestinians wrote that the weapons were gifts from representatives of the communist Czechoslovakia and that they were old weapons that were kept in a safe for many years, Pravo writes.

"The Palestinians rule out in their statement that the weapons would have been manipulated outside the safe throughout the years," Vondrasek said.

The statement, however, confirms that the weapons did belong to the Palestinians, Pravo writes.

It writes that the Palestinians offered further cooperation to the investigators.

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