Czechs are increasingly more obsessed with discounts --poll


09.01.2014 12:11

Prague - Czechs are increasingly more obsessed with discounts and 40 percent of Czech households already follow retailers´ flyers when buying food, according to the results of poll Shopping Monitor 2014 of company Incoma GfK.


Supermarket v Denveru. ČTK

The popularity of discount shops grows as well and a quarter of the households already cite them as their main shopping place. Interest in small shops is decreasing.

"In the last six months, 40 percent of Czech households followed flyers for their shopping, the highest share in the whole monitored period since 1997," said Incoma´s analyst Pavel Cabal.

At the same time, the share of households which do not want flyers in their mailbox has been gradually rising in the last few years and now 12 percent of households already do not want them, he added.

The study shows that in the last half a year, 44 percent of Czech households spent in hypermarkets the largest part of their money designed for food and toiletries. But the share of these people fell moderately year on year.

Discount stores are named as the main shopping place by 25 percent of households. The popularity of supermarkets remained stable at 17 percent. Only 12 percent of households said they buy food mainly in smaller shops, the lowest share since 1997.

Distribution of flyers of retail chains is wide in the Czech Republic and 84 percent of the polled households are receiving them in their mailboxes.

The respondents remembered the most often flyers of companies Kaufland, Lidl, Penny Market and Tesco.

Electronic leaflets of retail chains are checked by 12 percent of households already and 7 percent use them for their shopping.

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