Czech USTR threatens to leave European Memory Platform


22.01.2014 17:18

Prague - The Council of the Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (USTR) today asked the Platform of European Memory and Conscience to revoke its decision to suspend the USTR´s membership of the platform, otherwise the USTR would leave the platform, a source close to the Council told CTK.


Sídlo Ústavu pro studium totalitních režimů v Praze (na snímku z 15. dubna 2012). ČTK Šimánek Vít, ČTK

The USTR Council also wants the platform to deliver to it its decision scrapping the suspension in writing. It wants the platform to meet the two conditions by February 15, the source said.

The USTR Council and management disagree with the decision the platform made earlier this month and they challenge it as legally unfounded.

The platform criticises the USTR for failing to dissipate the suspicion that it had violated the platform´s ethical codes and allowing for communists to infiltrate the USTR.

The Prague-based USTR is a co-founder of the platform, which associates several dozens of institutions from various countries with the aim to coordinate the study of and help cope with the totalitarian past.

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience was established in 2011.

The operation of the USTR, founded in 2008 as an institution to do impartial research into the periods of totalitarianism and supervise the former communist security forces´ archive, has been accompanied by an internal tension and disputes of politicians.

Last year, the platform criticised the appointment of Pavla Foglova as USTR acting director after the then regular director, Daniel Herman, was sacked by the USTR Council.

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