Czech special police team uncovers big tax evasion case


11.07.2014 12:30

Prague - Detectives from the Cobra special police team for the fight against tax crime have accused four persons of tax evasion causing the damage of almost 270 million crowns, financial administration deputy president Jiri Zezulka told journalists today.


Zástupce generálního ředitele Generálního finančního ředitelství Jiří Žežulka vystoupil 11. července v Praze na tiskové konferenci k výsledkům prvního zásahu týmu Kobra v boji proti daňovým únikům a daňové kriminalitě. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

The case related to nanodiscs that are still being developed and have not been placed on the market, Zezulka said.

Detectives say the suspects formed an expedient network of companies. The mastermind made fictitious sales of nanodiscs to the companies that pretended their export to Cyprus, he added.

The role of customer was played by a company controlled by the mastermind who claimed 269 million crowns as VAT refund from the state, Zezulka said.

The men were detained on Wednesday. They are facing tax evasion charges.

The mastermind may be taken into custody later today.

The Cobra team, established along the model of a similar team in Slovakia, published the first result of its investigation today.

It consists of roughly 100 experts from the financial and customs authorities and the police that worked separately before its was formed.

Starting this year, they can exchange information and select their causes.

The body is working on about five cases with the total damage reportedly exceeding one billion crowns.

In the future, Cobra might extend to all Czech regions. Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman said earlier a network of state attorneys specialised on tax crime would be formed.

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