Czech South Moravia governor Hasek gives up lawmaker´s mandate


23.04.2014 20:06

Brno - Michal Hasek (Social Democrats, CSSD) will give up his lawmaker´s mandate but will keep his post of South Moravia Region governor, he announced today, fulfilling the promise not to accumulate posts the party gave voters.


Jihomoravský hejtman a poslanec ČSSD Michal Hašek vystoupil 23. dubna na mimořádné tiskové konferenci v Brně a oznámil, že se vzdává poslaneckého mandátu. ČTK Šálek Václav

CSSD chairman and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka hailed Hasek´s decision and said he hopes further Social Democrats who accumulate posts will follow suit.

Two other CSSD regional governors and lawmakers, Josef Novotny (Karlovy Vary) and Jiri Behounek (Vysocina) are yet to choose between the two posts.

The CSSD central executive committee took a stand against the accumulation of posts before last October early general election.

"I hail the fact that Michal Hasek respects the CSSD statutes and the promise given to voters before the elections," Sobotka told CTK.

Hasek had half a year since the elections, in which he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, to opt for one of the two posts.

Hasek will be replaced by Znojmo mayor Vlastimil Gabrhel in the Chamber of Deputies. He will keep both posts, which he explained by that local elections will be held this autumn and that it would not pay the town to make a change in its leadership for a few months.

Hasek said he will fully devote himself to his region, pointing out that he is a south Moravian patriot.

He said he wants to seek re-election as chairman of the Association of Regions which he has headed since 2008. The chairperson´s term lasts two years.

The CSSD has 11 out of 14 regional heads. Five governors won a deputy mandate in the October general election.

Milan Chovanec gave up the post of Plzen governor and he became interior minister.

In March, South Bohemia governor Jiri Zimola gave up the deputy mandate.

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