Czech soldier killed in Afghanistan is buried


18.07.2014 11:02

Hradec Kralove - About 1,000 people today attended the funeral of Czech non-commissioned officer Jan Senkyr, 39, one of the five soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan last week.


Stovky lidí se přišly 18. července v Hradci Králové rozloučit s desátníkem Janem Šenkýřem, jedním z pěti českých vojáků, které minulý týden zabil sebevražedný atentátník v Afghánistánu. ČTK Taneček David

During the ceremony with military honours, Senkyr was promoted in memoriam.

Along with the serviceman's family and friends, the funeral was attended by an honorary unit and military band.

A combat helicopter flew three times at a low altitude over the cemetery.

The suicide attack occurred last Tuesday. It killed four Czech soldiers and injured another one who died after he was flown home.

The blast also killed two Afghani police officers and several civilians.

One of the soldiers was buried on Thursday, the rest will be buried in the days to come.

On Sunday night, the Czech patrol was attacked again, this time by firearms and the rebels also fired anti-tank grenades at the armoured personnel carriers.

There are roughly 300 Czech soldiers in Afghanistan now. Along with doctors and members of a patrol company, there are also members of logistics units, meteorologists and the troops training Afghan helicopter pilots.

The second patrol company that is in charge of the protection of the Bagram air base is the biggest. Its members patrol the area where they try to avert militants' missile attacks on the base, gaining information from the locals.

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