Czech scientists patent new way of head, neck cancer treatment


04.07.2014 13:55

Prague - Czech scientists have patented a new method of biological treatment of head and neck malignant tumours, Karel Smetana, head of the Anatomic Institute of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, told CTK today.


Rakovinné buňky s průměrem okrouhlých jader asi 12 mikrometrů ve speciálním mikroskopu na zkoumání živých buněk. Ilustrační foto. ČTK Eret Petr

He said this type of tumour is not frequent, but difficult to cure. In addition, it requires the surgical removal of a big part of the patient´s face and neck.

The new treatment could be introduced in practice in ten to 15 years if clinical studies confirm its potency and safety, Smetana said.

The scientists suppose that their method could slow down or fully stop the growth of the tumour.

They have drafted two proposals for possible biological treatment based on experiments with tissue cultures and they have had them patented.

"The research could be done thanks to the selfless agreement of more than 100 patients, who provided tissue samples with the permit of the ethical commission. Such a big set of samples is significant also internationally," Smetana said.

The team, in cooperation with physicians from the Dermatological Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital, have started to seek similar mechanisms of the malignant melanoma.

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