Czech Republic has two police chiefs after Lessy´s return

U Obvodního soudu pro Prahu 7 pokračovalo 1. března hlavní líčení v případu bývalého policejního prezidenta Petra Lessyho (na snímku), kterého žalobce viní z pomluvy jiných policejních funkcionářů a zneužití pravomoci úřední osoby.

published: 03.12.2013, 16:19 | updated: 03.12.2013 16:21:12

Prague - The Czech Republic has two police presidents at the moment as Petr Lessy, whose prosecution has been definitively halted, returns to the post, outgoing Interior Minister Martin Pecina told reporters today.

Pecina annulled the decision of his predecessor Jan Kubice on Lessy´s dismissal and reinstalled him in the post.

The Czech Republic has currently two police chiefs - Lessy and Martin Cervicek who keeps managing the police.

However, Pecina said he expected Cervicek to resign. If Cervicek did not do so, Pecina would solve it in administrative proceedings.

The prosecution should not have been launched, and consequently Lessy should not have been dismissed, Pecina told reporters, adding that Lessy had suffered wrong undoubtedly.

Until the "diarchy" at the Police Presidium is resolved, Lessy will be on holiday, Pecina noted.

He recalled that Cervicek had repeatedly stated he would draw consequences from Lessy´s return to the post.

"I expect him to behave according to his previous words," Pecina noted.

He will talk to Cervicek at the Police Presidium later today.

Lessy was dismissed after the General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS) accused him of allowing the leak of negative information about Jaroslav Vanek, deputy head of a regional police directorate, into media.

According to the indictment, Lessy handed to his spokeswoman in September 2011 an anonymous letter about Vanek and assigned her to hand the document to a journalist from daily Pravo.

Afterwards he said in an interview with Pravo a member of the so-called Tofl gang, Rudolf Setvak, in his capacity as an employee of the police inspection, was "sweeping under the carpet" information about Vanek.

Lessy defended himself saying he did not give his spokeswoman any documents for the journalist. The editor himself allegedly sought information on Vanek by phone, he said.

A district court acquitted Lessy saying the act he was charged with did not occur and the appeals municipal court halted his prosecution. It concluded that the decision had been made in disciplinary proceedings.

The Prague Municipal State Attorney's Office did not agree with the municipal court's decision halting Lessy' prosecution and it proposed that Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman file an appellate review.


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