Czech Republic has 117 illegal gambling rooms -SPELOS association


13.07.2014 18:44

Prague - The Czech Republic currently has at least 117 illegal gambling clubs, according to a new online map launched by the Association of Central Lottery System Operators (SPELOS).


Výherní automaty, terminály - ilustrační foto. ČTK Vondrouš Roman, ČTK

The map was created in response to the illegal business boom. In fact there are more than 1,000 illegal gambling rooms in the country, SPELOS said.

Petr Vrzan, the association´s managing director, said that illegal business is largely booming at places where Town Halls went too far with the regulation of gambling or which have a zero tolerance of legal lotteries. Countries that have taken those measures have a similar experience. They are dealing with rising unemployment and crime, mafias and shortfalls in public budgets, said Vrzan.

The Finance Ministry registered 59,000 technical gaming devices at the end of March, a drop from 61,026 at the end of last year.

Another 1,500 administrative proceedings are under way seeking the revoking of the licence to operate a video lottery terminal facility, and this applies to over 10,000 such facilities, the ministry said.

Gambling income reached Kc36bn in 2008, and four year later the figure increased to Kc88bn. Amounts staked in 2012 posted an annual rise of 14.4 percent.

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