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15.06.2014 20:03

Prague - The Czech Republic is considering filing a complaint against the verdict of a Swiss court in Bellinzona in the case of the MUS coal mining company's privatisation, the weekly Respekt out on Monday writes.


Nová budova švýcarského Federálního trestního soudu v Bellinzoně. ČTK Mundil Stanislav

The Swiss court admitted that the Czech state as the MUS original owner had suffered damage by MUS former managers´ taking control of the company but it did not recognise any compensation for it, the weekly says.

If the Czech Republic failed with its complaint, it might negotiate about "sharing" - the division of the money seized in the case, on the level of both countries´ justice ministries.

"This means that the countries agree to divide the confiscated money between one other," a source from the civil service told Respekt.

All Swiss cantons would have to give consent to it, it adds.

The Swiss court in Bellinzona imposed prison sentences for fraud and money laundering on five former MUS managers, Jiri Divis (46 months in prison), Antonin Kolacek (52 months), Marek Cmejla (48 months), Petr Kraus (16 months) and Oldrich Klimecky (37 months), last October.

The verdict is not valid yet. The managers, who plead innocent, plan to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.

The case involves frauds with MUS shares, which the managers were buying for the firm's money. They caused damage to the Czech state by buying the state stake in MUS for an inappropriately low sum of 650 million crowns in 1999, according to the indictment.

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