Czech pub owners to compensate Romany for discrimination


11.02.2014 16:53

Prague - The owners of a pub in Hojsova Straz, southwest Bohemia, must pay 25,000 crowns for other than proprietary harm to a Romany man who considers discriminatory the placing of a baseball bat with the inscription "For Gypsies" in the pub, the Prague High Court ruled today.


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The court ruled in 2011 already that the pub owners must apologise to the Romany, Frantisek Kroscen, who considered the bat and the inscription an attack on his ethnicity, but it did not award him any financial satisfaction.

Kroscen demanded a compensation of 150,000 crowns.

Judge Jirina Rihova who made the decision today said the parties involved may file a complaint with the Constitutional Court (US).

The dispute between Kroscen and the pub owners started in 2001. Witnesses from the Citizenship, Civic and Human Rights Guidance Association said the organisation was alerted to the bat by a phone caller.

Representatives of the association went to check the situation on the spot and Kroscen was also present in the position of a Romany activist.

When he saw the baseball bat, he said, and the witnesses confirmed it, he felt offended and humiliated and he decided to file an action for the protection of an individual´s personal rights.

The Prague Municipal Court and the Prague High Court said in their previous verdicts this was no discrimination nor any racist attack or harassment over nationality and the colour of complexion.

The US reopened the case in 2010. It said the general courts did not sufficiently justified their decisions and did not react to some of Kroscen´s objections.

($1=20.199 crowns)

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